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Sod pallets in Lake Mary

Sod delivery in Lake Mary, Florida.

We deliver Monday - Saturday or you can pick sod up at our store 6 days a week, by the piece or by the pallet.

Topsoil grown and cut fresh daily, our sod is fresh and beautiful. It is grown in the Kissimmee area, so it thrives in the local environment (unlike sod from south or north Florida).

There are several varieties to choose from - if you don't know the type of sod you need, we can help. The sod descriptions on this page should help you narrow it down, too.

We sell a variety of sod types which you can read about on our website here. The two most popular choices are Floratam St. Augustine and Empire Zoysia.

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Sod available for pickup or delivery to Lake Mary

•Floratam St. Augustine•
•Empire Zoysia•

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Sod delivered to your door in Central Florida
The best Floratam St Augustine sod in Lake Mary
Floratam St Augustine Sod Fresh Every Day!!!

Empire Zoysia sod in Lake Mary 
Celebration Bermuda grass sod in Lake Mary

What sod is right for me?

Empire Zoysia is a durable turfgrass that is great for the home. Chinch bugs won't kill it and it will live longer through drought than St. Augustine sod. It has fine blades that you keep cut shorter.

Floratam St. Augustine is the typical St. Augustine grass you see across Florida. It has wide, green blades of grass with runners.